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​For years there has been an uncoordinated, bifurcated approach to educating, motivating and leading people to healthier lifestyles. The health, fitness, medical fitness and martial arts and weight loss business' all marketed their brand of  lifestyle modification as the best alternative for people who sought positive lifestyle change.

At the same time, local community groups and organizations, statewide groups and organizations and even nationally coordinated groups and organizations promoted "healthy living" as a combination of multiple offerings combined for a more complete lifestyle change venue.

How did all those competing messages work out for those being targeted? Overweight, normal weight obesity, obesity, morbid obesity, childhood obesity are all getting WORSE!

How can this be?

There are systemic issues in family, community, ethnic groups, rural vs metro and on and on go the variables. BUT, the main failed effect of the primary bifurcated groups has been unrealistic expectations. Lifestyle change is not easy. Effective, long term lifestyle change is easy more difficult to successfully complete.


Geoff Hampton, with more than 35 years experience in extremely successful health, fitness, medical fitness and martial arts business development has now combined that experience with his more than 20 years of lifestyle modification community research and programming to create the new "International Fitness Development Organization" (IFDO) to combine the two previously bifurcated approaches to successful and lasting positive lifestyle change. Through his coast to coast healthy living event and trade shows and powerful staff training for the health, fitness, medical fitness and martial arts businesses he has created a new series of initiatives that will collectively revoluntionize real health! Find out more and get involved today!